Kahtja is music. Starting violin at age 3 and piano at 5, Kahtja spent her childhood in choirs and opera productions immersed in the classical music realm. In her teens she explored her wild side! Connecting with her deep roots in rock and roll, blues & soul, Kahtja started a classic rock band with her cousins and a blues band shortly after. Later on, hip-hop and electronic music became her focal point, as she collaborated with local DJs and producers. Throughout her many travels, she collected traditional songs & influences from around the globe, as well as exploring worldly rhythms through her study of West African drumming & dance. Most recently, jazz has been her muse!

Kahtja’s musical influences are also varied and all inclusive: Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, India Arie, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Sterling and Tanya Tagaq, to name a few. From Fleetwood Mac to Kytami, and Jay Z to Amy Winehouse & Duke Ellington, you will see this eclectic influential diversity woven into Kahtja’s performances in both her song choices and original compositions.

Although music is her primary focus, Kahtja also expresses herself through other mediums. Kahtja achieved a long time dream of performing at Astral Harvest Music Festival 3 years ago singing with the group Goddessa and dancing for Knight Riderz, and in 2016, performing as a member of Illusia. She has since co-written and released the hit-single “Fall in Love” with Knight Riderz.

Music has become Kahtja’s life path. In her longtime pursuit of exploring the connection between psychology and music, Kahtja has woven together her passions of the therapeutic effects of music & community building. She has a devotion to empowering others to find joy through singing & creating music, whether that be through sharing her own music, or through facilitating classes and workshops. Working with anyone and everyone, from children to the elderly, Kahtja enjoys spreading the joy of musical expression to all!